swing a beginners guide 1st by schildt herbert 2006 paperback

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swing a beginners guide 1st by schildt herbert 2006 paperback

How does it function and can I test it in any way. Generator runs fine using chasis ground side if I supply 12 volts to genetator start switch directly from battery. Any thoughts or do I just replace the battery disconnect relay and hope it works. Tx Ensure you have good batteries and good connections and good grounds. Your manual should cover flashing. I took the cover off where the wires come out of generator and no power to terminals. Based on this is there any common problem to check before taking to a repair facility and spending a huge chunk of cash? It could be on the underside of the sheet metal or in the mobile home manual. Sorry, we can’t help more. I need to get a parts manual for it and get some exhaust and oil filter, etc. But we’re the heck is the I’d on these things. My local trailer repair place us of no help. Thanks Any idea where I could find one or download a copy. Typically, a set of bolts hold the generator head to the engine. Any ideas were to get one? Looking to reduce our inventory of Onan and other Generator parts, we are a Generac Dealer and provide service for Gnerac and all other brands. Over the years we have purchased parts for jobs that have been canceled or have made the mistake in ordering the wrong parts. These parts have outgrown our stock needs and we are looking to cut back. We are trying to sell as bulk. Email me for inventory lists and pictures. Something went wrong. All Rights Reserved. User Agreement, Privacy, Cookies and AdChoice Norton Secured - powered by Verisign. Carburetor Float Marvel Schebler fits BF BG B43M B48M DD11 DD13 DD15 Onan F68 PHP 1,675.96 PHP 733.17 shipping Only 1 left. Starting Handle For Lister Petter 570-31000, TS, TR, LV (Long Grip) PHP 2,355.77 PHP 2,307.69 shipping 6 watching Carburetor Kit fits Onan engine NH NHC with Zenith 13656 13681 13682 A16 PHP 3,014.90 PHP 733.17 shipping Only 1 left. Genuine Marvel Schebler Carburetor Kit fits Onan DD10 DD12R DD14 DD14A DD16 M53 PHP 3,780.77 PHP 733.

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For Later 67% (6) 67% found this document useful (6 votes) 10K views 77 pages Onan Service Manual DJBA DJB DJC DJE Diesel Engines 967-0751 Uploaded by GreenMountainGenerators Description: This is a useful manual for anyone using a MEP002A or MEP003A military diesel generator. For Later 67% 67% found this document useful, Mark this document as useful 33% 33% found this document not useful, Mark this document as not useful Embed Share Print Download now Jump to Page You are on page 1 of 77 Search inside document Bill Martin, Jr. The Baller: A Down and Dirty Football Novel Vi Keeland Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike Phil Knight The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts Gary Chapman Orphan X Gregg Hurwitz Big Nate: What's a Little Noogie Between Friends. Lincoln Peirce Exploit Loophole 609 to Boost Your Credit Score and Remove All Negative Items From Your Credit Report Robert Pemberton When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir Patrisse Khan-Cullors My Oxford Year: A Novel Julia Whelan Pieces of Her: A Novel Karin Slaughter A Court of Frost and Starlight Sarah J. Maas With the Fire on High Elizabeth Acevedo Caraval Stephanie Garber The Dry: A Novel Jane Harper This Tender Land: A Novel William Kent Krueger Footer Menu Back To Top About About Scribd Press Our blog Join our team. Browse Books Site Directory Site Language: English Change Language English Change Language Quick navigation Home Books Audiobooks Documents, active Collapse section Rate Useful 67% 67% found this document useful, Mark this document as useful Not useful 33% 33% found this document not useful, Mark this document as not useful Collapse section Share Share on Facebook, opens a new window Facebook Share on Twitter, opens a new window Twitter Share on LinkedIn, opens a new window LinkedIn Copy Link to clipboard Copy Link Share with Email, opens mail client Email. Looking for manuals for our Commercial Mobile generators. Find them here !

Still can’t find the manual you’re looking for. We have a complete inventory of all our product manuals on QuickServe Online. Here is a representation of the tag on Onan QG 4000. Minneapolis 14, Minnesota. Ms..J. Minneapolis 14, Minnesota Manufacturer's obligation under this warranty is limited to correcting Manufacturer’s satisfaction to have been originally defective. Correction This warranty shall not apply to any of the Manufacturer’s products Manufacturer. Manufacturer shall not be liable for loss, damage or expense directly or The above warranty supersedes and is in lieu of all other warranties, Manufacturer. No person, agent or dealer is authorized to give any Name. St. or R. F. D. Zone. State Battery, Load Wires Safety Device, Storage, Emergency Operation The generating plant was run-in and adjusted at the factory. When instructions in this manual refer to a specific model of generating plant, the model in question DATA and description Height. Width. Length. Engine make. Number cylinder (vertical in-line. Displacement (cubic inch). Cylinder bore. Piston Stroke. RPM (for 60 cycle). RPM (for 50 cycle). RPM ( for battery charger). Compression ratio. Exhaust connection (pipe tapped). Stellite faced exhaust and intake valves. Valve rotators on intake and exhaust. Connecting rod bearings are tri-metal replaceable. Main bearings are leaded bronze; precision type Battery voltage (ac plant except dual purpose). Battery size (ac plant except dual purpose). SAE group 1H - two in series. Starting by solenoid shift starting motor. Starting by exciter cranking. Centrifugal Start-Disconnect Switch. Battery charge rate amperes (normal) AC plants. Charge ammeter. Engine cooling air (CFM at 1800 rpm). Generator cooling air (CFM at 1800 rpm). Combustion air (CFM at 1800 rpm). Total cu. ft. per min. of air required. Air cleaner (on basic models). Diesel fuel lift (maximum feet). Oil filter (full flow type). Glow plugs and air heater to aid starting. Injection pump (Am.

Bosch type). Primary and secondary fuel filters. Generator make. Output is rated at unity power factor load on these Output is rated at 0.8 power factor load on these Rating (output in watts) -. AC, 50-cycle plants, 24-volt battery charging AC, 60-cycle plants, 32-volt battery charging AC, 60-cycle plants - intermittent service. AC frequency regulation in %. Onan. Onan Onan. Onan. Onan Revolving armature type generator. Revolving field type generator. Rotating type exciter. Fuel consumption at rated load (gal. per hour). Net Weight (nominal in pounds). Limits engine air flow when cold to aid engine For outdoor installations. Desirable information for operator. For wall mounting. The oil bath type air cleaner requires appropriate periodic servicing. Points to consider include: adequate engine and Each installation must be considered individually - use these instructions as a general guide. Meet LOCATIONS. - Provide a location that is protected from the weather, dry, dust free, and preferably The air discharge side of the plant requires no service area. MOUNTING. - For permanent type installations, provide a sturdy, level mounting base of concrete, When a wood base is used,the joists should be directly under the mounting feet of the plant. Minimum For plants with tubular type cushions, carefully assemble the mounting cushions washers and spacer Fig. la Mounting Detail (Cone Type Cushions). For plants with cone type cushions (fig. 1A) a template is furnished for locating mounting bolts holes.

Position the plant, place cushions under the oil base and generator support (for Model DJA also use the Part number is shown on cushions, always use cushion with higher number on Distance (inches) between hole centers is the same for tubular and cone type cushions and are: Provide at least Factors which affect ventilation requirements include: ambient temperature; size of room; amount of Make allowances for any adverse For cold weather operation, discharged air shutter is avail- The air outlet is 8 x Limit bends and use radius type elbows where needed. Duct Increase size for runs beyond 9 feet. Use a short canvas If practical, pitch the duct level upward to Where the plant is installed in a small room (room too smkll The generator Installation in a small room may require using an auxiliary fan of sufficient size to assure a proper Always make an outlet near the ceiling For cold locations, room openings may be equipped with automatically operated louvers. An optional EXHAUST. - Pipe POISONOUS exhaust gases outside any enclosure. Locate exhaust outlet far from air inlet to avoid gases The engine exhaust on DJA and DJB models. Use flexible On DJC models, the exhaust manifold can be reversed for rear down OIL DRAIN. - The oil drain may be extended to suit the installation. FUEL TANK AND LINES. - Where a separate fuel tank is used, install so that the bottom of the tank Be sure that there are no air Wnere a fuel tank is shared, do not connect to an existing line at a point above the fuel supply level. This avoids starving the plant. If fuel lift exceeds 6-ft.Wire it in parallel Use approved flexible fuel line next to the engine. The diesel engine requires a fuel supply line and a Install the fuel supply line from near the bottom ofRlie supply tank to the Where the fuel line runs below the fuel level, making siphoning possible, a shut-off valve at the tank Use momentary One should be single pole, single throw (SPST).

Remove the jumper Use the correct wire size as shown BATTERY CONNECTION (Plant with Starting. Motor - Model DJB Fig. 5 Remote Start-Stop Switch and Wire Size. Fig. 6 Polarity Block. WARNING: If the battery is connected to the charging circuit with the Alternator windings will be damaged almost Refer to plant nameplate for battery voltage. For ac plants provide two. For dual purpose BATTERY CONNECTION (Exciter Cranked Plant - Model DJA with 12-volt system). - Refer to the wir Crank electrically Provide TWO 6-volt batteries connected in BATTERY CONNECTION (Exciter Cranked. Plant - Model. DJA with 24-volt or 32-volt systems). -. Refer to the wiring diagram and figure 9. The dual purpose plants and battery charging Battery polarity must agree with polarity of If the positive lead is grounded, reverse the Refer to plant nameplate for battery voltage LOAD WIRE CONNECTIONS (AC Plants). - Also see fig. 12A-F. General - The control box (or junction box) Use sufficiently large Insulate bare ends of ungrounded wires. Use a bolt through the If a test run indicates wrong rotation of 3- Standby - If the installation is for standby service, always install a double-throw transfer switch (either See figure 11. Fig. 9 Battery and DC Load Connections. Balancing the load - Serious overloading can damage the generator windings. When two or more single To determine the Thus only 2000-watts would be available on each of the three single phase circuits. These identifying marks Voltage selection on reconnectible generator - The revolving field single phase plants (DJB-3R and. DJC-3R models) except when optionally equipped with meter panel, circuit breaker, etc. Balance the loads when connected for 3-wire service. Loading DELTA connected generator - Any combination of single phase and three phase loading can be Generator lead TO is the generator center tap between Tl and T2.

The TO L oad connections - Refer to the figure which illustrates the load connection for the output shown on See switchboard instructions here when a switchboard is used. See figure Connect to the unused terminal of The lower voltage is correct when For connecting the 32-volt dc load, refer to instructions as given for the 32-volt battery charging plant Total current available is 3000-watts. If only alternating Subtract the amount of direct current used from the total Example: If 500-watts dc is CONNECTING THE LOAD (Battery Charging Plants 24-V. and 32-V.). - The main line load circuit Lead wires from the battery fuse Branch circuits should be properly fused. Smaller wire Make connections from the main line switch to the fused battery switch. Connect leads to the terminals Observe the same polarity used in connecting the battery. Refer Oil bath type Level Holes Pressure, Spray Pattern SERVICE NOTES. - These notes supplement the Periodic Service Chart. A. - Inspect for leaks, loose connections, etc.Use clean fuel as recommended in. Preparation section. Never fill completely, allow some space for expansion. C. - OIL LEVEL. Fill to F (full) mark on indicator, figure 13. D. - GOVERNOR LINKAGE. Use lubricating graphite on metal ball joints (figure 14). If graphite is Later models have plastic socket type Dry partridge type air cleaner.Replace cartridge each 500 Fig. 16 Air Cleaner Service Models with all foam element type air cleaner. Each Moisten with clean crankcase grade oil (dip, then squeeze Models with oil bath type air cleaner. Maintain the oil Use same SAE number of oil as in Empty and clean The dust level must Rinse filter Inspect filter after cleaning Do not use a damaged filter. Replace the filter after 6 CRANKCASE OIL. Change oil only when hot. If oil is too BREATHER VALVE. Lift off rubber breather cap (fig. 17). Carefully pry valve from cap.

Otherwise press hard with Valve must maintain a partial vacuum in crankcase to help If baffle (mesh) Measure gap with thickness gage. The anti-flicker breaker points add a resistor to the generator field circuit only during each Crank engine to fully open points. Use hand crank or J. - BATTERY. Check charge condition. Check electrolyte level. Add approved water to keep the In freezing weather, run the plant immediately after adding water. Keep battery connections tight and clean. K. - FUEL SYSTEM. Water or foreign material in the fuel can ruin the injection system. If daily Primary fuel filter must be cleaned and After servicing L. - GENERATOR. Clean slip rings (and commutator on revolving armature type generators) with a Replace all other brushes when. Do not disturb the brush rig to install brushes.If sparking occurs, run plant at light load until brushes M. - OIL FILTER. The oil filter is a full-flow type (all oil is filtered enroute to bearings). A by-pass Place a drip pan below filter. Unscrew oil filter counterclockwise using both hands or a filter wrench. Clean filter mounting Flush rocker box cover oil line in fuel and clean small holes using a fine wire (do not enlarge holes). Clean entire generating plant to insure efficient cooling and operation. Perform other services as O. - RELAY CONTACTS. The 02SX Magneciter (used on DJB Spec A and B) has a voltage build-up Carefully wipe the relay contacts with paper to GOVERNOR. - The governor is used to control the rated speed and voltage (see nameplate and Data. Preferred speed does not vary more than 2-cycle from no- Be sure throttle, linkage, and governor mechanism operate smoothly. Speed Adjustment - Change spring tension by holding the governor spring stud and turning the nut to Hold a tachometer against the stud in the On revolving armature generator, adjust the engine speed to attain proper volt- Sensitivity Adjustment - Adjust for minimum speed drop without a hunting condition.

If the speed drops A too close sensitivity Throttle stop screws (DJB, DJC) Set the maximum stop screw while gradually increasing the load to Set the minimum stop screw to Adjustment) Fig. 20 Valve Adjustment Adjust the clearance (see fig. 20) to the values specified in the. Table of Clearances. Whenever valves are adjusted on DJA models re-adjust the decompression release. Fig. 21 Decompression Release (DJA) Set the arm in the decompression Release the mechanism to allow compression. Check the clearance between the screw and rocker arm. Take up valve clearance by inserting a feeler gage between the valve and rocker arm. If the set screw When assembling the rocker box cover, remove the solenoid and re-mount it when the cover is on the Oil Base Mounting Screw (2 and Rear Bearing Plate 40-45. Exhaust Manifold. Rocker Arm Stud 35-40. Rocker Cover 8-10. Intake Manifold (4 cylinder) 13-15. Generator Through Stud Nut. Revolving Armature 30-40. Revolving Field 55-60 Major generator or control repairs should Maintain factory limits and clearances as given in the Table of. Clearances. Avoid accidental shorts by disconnecting the battery when servicing control parts. Refer ABLE. (See General Information on Page 1). INTAKE Valve Clearance (cold) -. For DJA. For DJB (Prior to Spec D -.004”). For DJC. EXHAUST Valve Clearance (cold) -. Valve Stem to Guide (intake). Valve Stem to Guide (exhaust). Intake Valve Face Angle.’. Exhaust Valve Face Angle. Valve Seat Angle. Valve Seat Width. Valve Spring Tension (valve open). Valve Spring Tension (valve closed). Crankshaft Main Bearing Journal (std. size). For DJA (1 cylinder) and DJB 2 cylinder). For DJC (4 cylinder). Crankshaft Main Bearings -. For DJA (1 cylinder) and DJB (2 cylinder). Crankshaft Rod Bearing Journal (std. size). Connecting Rod Bearing. Crankshaft End Play. Camshaft End Play (crankshaft fully back). ’. Camshaft Bearing. Cylinder Bore. Piston to Cylinder: Piston Pin in Piston. Piston Pin in Rod. Piston Ring Gap.

Injection Timing - PC (Port Closing) - DJA. Injection Timing - PC (Port Closing) - DJB, DJC. Anti-Flicker Breaker Point Gap. Start-Disconnect Centrifugal Switch (diesel). Firing Order (4 cylinder). Tappet Diameter (standard). Tappet Hole Diameter. Thumb Push Fit Recharge. Loose connections. Tighten connections. Defective starting circuit Defective starting motor on Defective switch. Replace. Poor generator brush contact Replace brush. Refinish Drain, refill with light oil. Engine seized. Dis-assemble and repair. Load connected. Disconnect. Decompression release (on 1 Place at start position Lack of fuel or faulty injection Bleed the fuel system. Refill the tank. Check the Clean strainer (primary) Poor compression Wrong timing. Check injection pump timing. Defective glow plugs or leads. Repair or replace Clean and adjust See that brushes seat well, Open circuit, short circuit, Replace parts necessary. Residual magnetism lost. Consult your dealer Faulty Magneciter. Trouble-shoot Magneciter Refinish cylinder. Install Rings not seated on new engine. Break-in time necessary. Oil leaks from oil base or Replace gaskets. Tighten Oil too light or diluted. Drain, refill with correct Worn engine. Repair as necessary. Worn intake valve guide or Replace. Engine misfiring. Refer to symptoms of engine Too much oil. Drain excess oil. Intake valve stem-to-guide oil Reduce load to within rated Poor compression. Tighten cylinder head, grind Poor grade or dirty fuel Injection pump or nozzle not Clean nozzle. If necessary, Faulty injection timing. Dirty air cleaner. Clean Refill. Transfer Pump failure. Repair or replace. Safety switch operated (where Correct the overheating or Press reset switch. DULL METALLIC THUD. IF NOl Replace unless one of the Oil badly diluted. Add oil. Change oil Adjust. Replace faulty valve Broken valve spring. Install new spring Low oil supply. Adjust or replace. Oil badly diluted. Change oil. Investigate cause. Clean fuel system.

Use clean Low compression Replace. Oil too light or diluted from Drain. Refill with proper Oil too low. Oil relief valve not seating. Clean. Replace if needed. Badly worn bearings. Sludge on oil cup screen. Clean screen and oil sump. Badly worn oil pump. Replace Replace. Oil too thick. Drain. Refill. Clogged oil passages. Clean all lines and passages. Oil relief valve stuck. Clean by-pass. Replace if Maintain supply. Improper lubrication. See Low Oil Pressure. Improper ventilation. Provide for better air change Wrong injection timing. Generator overloaded. Retime. Reduce load Install larger or extra wires Install larger or extra wires Poor brush contact (or poor Adjust governor to correct See that brushes seat well Loose connections. Fluctuating load. Correct any abnormal load Dirty commutator. Turn down. Undercut mica Clean. Brushes not seating properly. Sand to a good seat. Open circuit in armature. Brush rig out of position. Line up properly Brush rig out of position Adjust. Overloaded. Reduce load See remedies for engine Poor compression. Tighten cylinder head and Replace piston rings, if Faulty injection. Check the fuel system. Clean, Dirty air cleaner. Clean. Restricted exhaust line. Clean or increase the size Be sure to give the generator's Model, Spec. No. and Serial No. from the nameplate. On revolving field plants, select the generator wiring diagram according Select the Magneciter For revolving armature plants DJA, select the generator wiring diagram Select the proper control wiring diagram depending on the model and TO Si TO Fa TO Si to F2 Revolving Field, Wye Wound, 4-Wire, 3-Phase Parts are arranged in groups of related items. Each illustrated part is identified by a reference num Compare your plant nameplate MODEL and SPEC NO.Select the Parts Key. This Parts Key No Unless otherwise mentioned In tte parts. Many parts are interchangeable between the 1 cylinder, 2 cylinder and 4 cylinder plants The auantitv.

Right and left sides of the plant are determined by FACING the engine end (front) of the complete plant. Parts List on page A - These generators have 4 load wires which are reconnectible for 120-volt 2-wire service or 240- For Current parts prices, consult your Onan Dealer, Distributor or Parts and Field Type) Shaped Cushions Cup, Governor. Ring, Snap - Center Pin. Gear, Injection Pump Drive. Ring, Snap - Injection Pump Drive Gear. Ring Set, Piston - For One Piston - Specify: Standard or.010”,.020”, Ring Set, Piston - For One Piston - Specify: Standard or.010”,.020”, Pin, Piston - Specify: Standard or.002” Oversize. Ring, Piston Pin Retaining. Rod Assembly, Connecting (Forged) - Complete. Bearing Half - Connecting Rod - Specify: Standard or.002”,.010”,.020”, Bushing, Piston Pin - Connecting Rod (Semi-Finished) Cover Assembly, Gear - Complete. Includes parts marked a. Includes parts marked a - NOTE: For Cover Assembly, Gear - Complete - Includes parts marked a. AShaft, Governor - Gear Cover. Arm, Governor - Governor Shaft to Carburetor Arm, Governor - Governor Shaft to Carburetor. Spec E). Pin, Roll - Governor Cup Stop (Located in Gear Cover) - Replaces 516-117. AYoke, Governor. ASeai, Oil - Governor Shaft ASeai, Oil - Gear Cover. Gasket, Gear Cover - Previously listed 103C219 was never used. Gasket, Gear Cover Backplate. Backpiate, Gear Cover. Backplate, Gear Cover (To Replace 103D220 used on early models also order. Backpiate, Gear Cover (To Replace 103D266 used on early models also order. Baffle Plate, Gear Cover Backpiate - Starter Mtg (Not used on early models). Cover, Gear Cover Backplate Opening. Gasket, Start Disconnect Plate or Backpiate Opening Cover. Line, Oil - Gear Cover (Used on Early Models Only). Connector, Restricted - Oil Line (Used on Early Models Only). Connector, Inverted Male - Oil Line (Used on Early Models Only) Begin Spec B I Cylinder Terminal. Type Terminal. Lead, Glow Plug to Air Heater - No. 4 Cylinder (18”) Round Type Terminal.

Lead, Air Heater to Solenoid in Control. Adapter, Injection Nozzle.